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We are one of the India’s prominent organizations, providing new technique of Organic Farming, developing Organic Fertilizers for our farmers with an objective of developing and implementing technology to boost our land’s productivity and efficiency.

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Vastu Vihar Biotech is the leading organic farming company in east India, a research & development center located in Bodh Gaya near by Bihar, known for developing new techniques of organic farming.

Contaminated Soil Bio-Remediation
Food Grain Storage Chain
Organic Contract Farming
Soil Conditioning
Waste Water Bio-Remediation

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To expertise price, you wish a team that is engaged, equipped and sceptered. vastu Vihar Biotech Pvt Ltd is associate exciting and difficult organization, and that we believe hiring the correct of individuals into our hub and concentrate on our 'Internal Customers' the maximum amount as on our external ones.

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